Update 2.25.21

Ahhhhh sunshine and beautiful skies! It is wonderful to see residents out and about enjoying the weather and attending resort events!

As recent changes in county orders have gone into effect and occupancy limits in the public spaces has increased, please remember that social distancing protocols are still in place. Don’t forget to wear your mask when inside the resort buildings and maintain social distancing protocols. The same rules apply at park events and activities, so please, consider your friends and neighbors safety and mask up.

Have a great evening and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Occupancy Update

Due to the most recent update to County orders, we will be increasing the occupancy limits on our buildings. You will see new occupancy limit signage being posted over the course of the day. all other Social Distance protocols, like wearing your mask, remain in place.

Thank you while we all work together to get through these difficult times.

For more info, please click the following news article:


One more night of cold…

Please stay warm, as we have a possible freeze or near freezing temperatures expected tonight. There are still a few homes without power and we have made (4) of our park inventory homes available for those without power to sleep in. For those interested, please contact Ron Stark at 903-870-8095 so that he can tell you what is available.

Thank you!

Hot Pizza on us!

We have arranged for a food truck to stop in the park and serve hot brick-oven pizzas free of charge to residents today at 12 Noon by the office. It is chilly outside and they will need time to bake some of these pizzas, so please do not begin to line up before 11:45am. Also, please be advised of the following:

Supplies are limited; there is only so much pizza dough and sauce that they can carry in their truck. You will have a choice of a cheese or pepperoni pizza.

There is a limit of one per household while supplies last – this means that you will not be able to carry away more than one pizza. However, if you are helping your neighbor or friend who is unable to come, you will be allowed to get back in line to get one for them. We want to make sure that we can feed a many people a possible.



As the sun shines bright this morning, we are in the midst of recovery. Many, many sites came back up last night, but there may still be some without power scattered throughout the resort. AEP has been notified of a few blown transformers in the resort so that they may come and repair them.

On a brighter note, the office is open and and staff are available to take your questions and concerns. Phones in the office are still not functioning at this time. All activity buildings are also open for use.

Please remember to follow all social distancing and face mask requirements while in the buildings.

Thank you and have a great day!

Office closed Monday Feb 15th

Out of abundance of caution regarding the recent inclement weather, the park office will be closed on Monday Feb 15th. Maintenance staff will be on call in case of emergency. Weather conditions for Tuesday, Feb 16th are being closely monitored and an announcement will be made soon in case the closure needs to be extended.

Thank you and please stay safe and warm.