Good Misc. Info

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience with the gate. It seems like no matter how many blog messages we send out, there will still be a good number of residents that miss the messages by not connecting with the blog site. I know this is new territory for the property, but it really is the best way we can get the word out to everyone. If you know someone that is not signed up, please encourage them to use their email so they will not be left out.

The storage site fee is another opportunity to get communication out to residents. August 1 is the date we start charging the fee for storage lot parking. We need help identifying the units in the storage area. If any units belong to you or someone you know, please contact the Main Office to work out arrangements. This also applies for vacant lot storage. We want to prevent taking additional measures in all cases. Please work with the Main Office and Management.

Eric, our maintenance employee, left our company. Tuesday was his last day. We sincerely appreciate all of his hard work and energy for the short time he was with us. We will let residents know when new staff is hired. Any and all requests should still go to the Main Office. Please refrain from calling employees on their personal phones. Feel free to send message or call the emergency line after-hours if needed.

The anodes project was completed around lunch time today. Thank you for your help. We are on track to complete the drain and sewer projects by Friday. I have included pictures below

Trails End Management

If you own one of these units, or a trailer/vehicle parked on a vacant lot, please contact the Main Office as soon as you can.

Gate Contractor Access Code

The Contractor Code for gate access is #1000. This is a code you can provide contractors when they come for goods and services. The code will change every month to help with security and will be sent through the blog site that is listed in the Trails End Policy. All contractors are still required to sign-in at the Main Office during business hours.

If you do not have a remote or a Personal Access Code, please contact the Main Office.

Trails End Management

Lot Work Today

Some residents may notice two men working in lots and around units. They are installing new anodes for our gas lines. I have included pictures of the part that is being replaced. This install will not interrupt gas services at all. If you notice a black or copper wire exposed from the ground, please notify your lawn care contact, as we want to try to avoid it as they work with their weed eater. If by chance an accident happens and the wire is damaged, please contact the Main Office. As they dig, they will do their best to replace the grass they dig up.

We appreciate your cooperation with this.

Old Anode
New Anode

Gate Closing

We are closing the gate today as opposed to closing it tomorrow. Anyone without a remote that has registered for a gate code can enter the code at the keypad. Feel free to contact the emergency line if you do not have access. 956-556-0040.

Trails End Management

A Few Updates…

The pool should be ready by Tuesday morning for water aerobics. I will send a message if it is not.

We are aware of the AC not working in the card hall and main hall. We have service scheduled for Tuesday.

The policies have been updated and attached for your convenience. The main areas that have been updated are with Storage, Entry Gate, and Landscaping. Minimal changes in the other areas. This can be found anytime on the Resort Documents page at the top of this website.

We are in the process of upgrading our activities area. One bocce court has been removed. We will update the remaining court within the next few weeks and look to expand the area that is open as a picnic style area. More information will be available soon.



Continue to stop by the Main Office to secure your storage area and entry gate remote/code.

Thank you.

Trails End Management

Important Updates Worth Noting

Brush will be picked up Monday, weather permitting.

Restricted Access We are doing construction work between the Main Hall and Card Hall starting Monday. The wood shop will not be accessible between the buildings. Access between the two buildings may be restricted, as well.

Gate Closure We will look to close the gate earlier than expected. If you have not stopped by to secure your remote, or if you have not called to set your gate access code, please do this by Wednesday. We will close the gate Wednesday morning. Feel free to contact the office between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. through Monday through Wednesday of next week for gate access assistance.

The Contractor Code for July is 1000. This access is reserved only for contracted workers that will do work on your lot. Our goal is to keep this in place until the first Tuesday of August (August 3, 2021).

The pool and spa will be available after 7 p.m. tonight.

Have a great weekend!

Trails End Management

Dave and Julie Krauth

It is with great sadness that we send this message. Dave and Julie Krauth have passed away after an automobile accident last week. We were informed of this news by a close family member. There is a link to their online obituary below. Our office joins with residents to continue keeping their family up with thoughts and prayers. Whether it is masonry work or a smiling, welcoming face, we understand the residents have helped a great deal in making Trails End RV Resort what it is today. We value each resident, whether current or moved on, and greatly appreciate their contributions to our community. Our office is available to support where we can.

Trails End Management