Curb Appeal

Cleaning out and sprucing up your yard are good low-cost alternatives to major improvements. Whether you hire a professional or have the skills and tools to do it yourself, here are some tips to improve your lawn and landscape: 

• Weeding, edging, planting beds and mulching go a long way toward improving a yard’s appearance. 

• Keep all grass clippings and fallen leaves off the sidewalks, out of the streets and gutters. 

• Planting colorful annuals in beds or in flower boxes makes a property look cared for and cozy. 

• To solve problems or add interest, plant new trees and shrubs to create focus areas. 

• Have your trees and shrubs professionally pruned, fix brown spots in the lawn and remove/replace diseased plants. Owners who want help with their yard should seek an evaluation by a professional lawn or landscape firm. A professional can assess the health of the lawn, plants, trees and shrubs along with offering recommendations for improvements. Please note that beautification is important to the value of your investment in the subdivision. Management will strongly enforce beautification according to Trails End Policy hand book.

Note: Please complete a Site Modification Form if you wish to modify your site, change the physical appearance of your home or for any general remodeling/construction on you site. Please do not begin work before receiving management approval.

Trails End


Good Afternoon,

Hope all is well, As a community we work together to keep Trails End in Harmony. Making sure that everyone is following the Trails End Policies, Guidelines & Standards. Please keep in mind that driving recklessly within the subdivision can cause major repercussions. If you have guests, please advise them of the Policies, Guidelines & Standards of the community to avoid any issues. If we find anyone committing any criminal offenses, we will report this to the legal authorities. We need to come together as a community.  

Have a wonderful day and stay safe 

Trails End

The new contractor code will be #1665. This will go into effect today 4/5/2022.

If a contractor says they are having an issue with the new code, please ensure they are using # and not the *. This has been the number 1 reason for limited access for contractors. As a reminder, please limit access with this code. It is only meant for contractors. This should not be given to any friends, guest, family, or visitors. Each resident has their own 4-digit number for this (personal entry code).

Trails End

Please welcome our new manager!

Please help us to welcome our new park manager, Patricia Bravo! Patricia began her employment on Tuesday, March 29 and for the past few days has been focused on training and getting to know the staff and the facilities.

We are excited to welcome her aboard and look forward to the future of Trails End with Patricia at the helm. If you see her out and about, please feel free to say hello!