Updates Worth Noting

Entry Gate – we are pending the software setup for the gate. Once the company has it installed for us, we will be able to program remotes and accept codes. We will send a message out once it is ready. We are hoping for this week. Fingers crossed.

Common Space Temperature – The sewing room temp was observed set at 58. The units will not cool rooms to that low of a temperature. As a reminder, please make sure you are returning the room temperature to the setting it was on when you entered the room. If we have to lock the thermostat in each room, we will not be able to adjust when requested. Let’s continue to work together to help conserve energy and reduce usage on our units.

As always, if you see something, say something.

Trails End Management

Storage Update – Effective 8/1/2021

We sincerely appreciate your patience as we worked through our storage situation. We are offering storage options to our annual residents. If you are currently storing or parking your trailer/vehicle anywhere on the Trails End Resort property, this message is important for you to read.

Starting 8/1/2021, all storage vehicles and trailers are required to be registered with the main office. Each option will require a $50/month charge billed separate from your unit lease agreement. We will not charge for July, so you can register any time before August 1. There will not be a prorated charge option. All annual residents looking to store vehicles and trailers will have a couple options:

  1. Continue to store your vehicle in the storage lot. We are still working on a plan for the storage area, but do not want to move anyone who does not want to move or would prefer to be in this area. First come, first served.
  2. Park your storage vehicle in one of our designated areas on the South end of the RV lot. The spaces will be determined for you. This will be our best temporary option. First come, first served.
  3. Continue to use a vacant MH lot. RV lots not designated by management are not an option. If you decide to park on a vacant lot, management reserves the right to move your stored item when needed. First come, first served.

Additional details can be provided by the Main Office. Parking vehicles at vacant lots is considered a violation. A signed agreement will be required for all stored vehicles and trailers at Trails End Resort. Violators can be towed at the owner’s expense.

Trails End Management

Exit Gate Ready for Business

The exit gate is operating as a normal functioning exit. You can now exit the property using the gate on the right side. The loop sensor on the ground will read your car and open. It will close behind you, as well. This only applies to the gate on the right side of the exit. Please use this side, as opposed to crossing to the left side to exit. Incoming traffic can still use the same side to enter the park. We are still pending remotes and system install, so the entry gate will be left open until the project is completed and we have remotes out to residents on site.

Trails End Management

Water Shutoff, Upcoming Events

We will have to shut the water off again. This Thursday, 8 a.m. until 10 a.m., access to water at the resort will be cut off. The repair should take less than 2 hours. Just a little bit of FYI, as we come across leaks, repairs, and other issues, we are looking to install long-term solutions to prevent further damage and additional cut off for future events. Although patch work may be the most convenient option in most cases, we want to ensure we are as prepared as we can be for emergency situations as a resort. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these times.

We have posted our concert series for 2022! View our Upcoming Events at the top of the main page at your convenience! We will continue to post events and calendars on this site. If you know of a resident who is missing out, feel free to help them gain access via email or have them contact the main office.

Trails End Management

Gate Update

WE are still working on the gate. The company is pending more equipment and are hopeful to have them installed this week. We are also waiting on a majority of the new entry remotes to come in. Once the equipment has been installed, remotes are in stock, and the system has been built, I will send an update on next steps.

Thank you for your patience with this.

Trails End Management

Gate & Water Notice

Work on the gate continued today. We are hopeful completion will be this week. Gate remotes will soon follow.

We will shut off the water to repair a leak in the main line tomorrow between 10am-Noon.

As a final courtesy reminder, residents should not attempt to disturb or investigate on property that is not theirs. This includes turning off water, gas, or electric. Please make sure any repairs or evaluations of leaks are limited to your property only. You are allowed to help on lots when you have the lot renter’s permission to look into their property. If you notice a leak or any damage to property, please call or send a text/picture to the emergency line (956-556-0040). All reports of any concerns should go through management.

Trails End Management

Weekend Update

The completion of the gate repair and upgrade is still pending. Work should continue starting Monday. As a reminder, the gate will not be closed after completion. We will get the new remotes out to as many residents as possible before closing the gate. An exact timeline will be given once we receive the new remotes. The old remotes will not work. Unfortunately, we will not be able to issue a credit or refund for the old remotes. Previous ownership did not keep record of purchases or the money that was received from residents. When residents receive the new remote, our office will keep record of all deposits and will provide each resident with proof for their record. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The City of Weslaco will be on our property next week to spray for mosquitoes. We could not get an exact date and time but we are on this list for next week. Historically, we have found that the more calls they get from us, the faster they get the job done. The phone number to the City of Weslaco Public Works Dept is 956-968-3146. Please let them know you live at Trails End RV Resort and you are requesting mosquitoes spraying in and around the resort. Also, here as some tips for how to minimize mosquitoes around your home. If you are not currently in the resort, please consider passing this information along to whoever is responsible for maintaining your lawn. Together, we can help minimize mosquitoes in the resort.

As you may have noticed, our buildings are back open at 100% capacity. Please note, this does not apply for the kitchen area just yet. We are still pending company approval before we open the kitchen for business.

Lastly, the pool is open but the spa is closed. There were chemicals added after the storm that are not safe for residents to swim in. Please do not try to turn on the spa.

Have a great, safe weekend!

Trails End Management