Notice: Tampering with Park Property

*Please be advised, tampering with park property, including park equipment, is strictly prohibited.*

Since installation, we have had over a dozen instances of gate issues. While some of these can be attributed to weather, there have been a number of instances where tampering has clearly been the reason. This has caused unnecessary repair expense and time out of service. Please do not attempt to change speeds or sensitivity of the gate system. Any resident found tampering with park equipment will be billed a policy violation fee as well as for the expense of repair.

Please follow the instructions on the posted signage and wait patiently for the gate to open. Please do not use the oncoming lane to exit or enter through the gates. Residents are also responsible for the actions of their guests, visitors and contractors/caretakers, so please make sure they are aware of these policies as well.

As always, please report any equipment issues to the office. If the issue occurs after hours, please call the after hours number at 956-556-0040.

Thank you,