A Few Updates

Trees We are on track to have the Norfolk Pine trees addressed (tall trees that turned dark red after the storm). Within the next month, I will have details on when and how we will have these trees cut down. Our plan is to cut each tree on the property down to the ground, ensuring there are no tripping hazards. As an option, we are allowing lot residents to keep part of the base as a “planters platform” for creative ideas. 5′ will be the maximum height we would leave stumped. See the picture below for a reference. Lot residents would need to clearly mark the tree at the height to the salvaged. I will give advance notice about when this project will take place so you can make sure your tree is marked (you can use ribbon, spray chalk, caution tape, etc. to mark cut line). The contractors will apply a substance that will help prevent growth, but minor trimming may be needed as time goes on.

All Other Lot Trees After careful evaluation, it has been determined Trails End will not cover the cost associated with cutting any other trees on the property. All lot renters will need to evaluate and decide how they want to address their trees. Encore will take care of all Norfolk Pines as detailed above. Anyone who decides to cut/trim a tree, please submit a site modification form to the main office prior to cutting. All contractors will need to dispose of brush/clippings, and stumps.

Entry Gate We are still pending a project start date for the upgrade to the entry gate. Once that starts, we will be able to close the gate. There will be new gate remotes offered to residents. All residents with a remote now will be able to exchange their remote for a new one at a later time, so do not throw them away. We understand the concern with leaving the gate open and will continue to try to start this project as soon as we can.

Storage We are working through lot storage options. We are planning to renovate the bullpen storage area to accommodate vehicles. That project may take a few months before it can begin. I am working on options to help get us through and will release a detailed plan when it is ready.

Building Capacities As a courtesy reminder, we still have capacities and social distancing requirements inside all of our buildings. They are either posted on the door or on the cork board inside/outside each door. Please continue to help us by wearing masks while inside buildings. We will continue to evaluate this on a weekly basis with corporate.

Trails End Management


Pool Cleaning The pool cleaning schedule has been reset to Tuesdays and Fridays, 1 p.m.-2 p.m. The pool will be closed during that time.

Brush Pick Up We are completing brush pickup today. As a reminder, we are picking up brush once a month, starting May 4.

Entry Gate I will have an update about the status of the entry gate by Wednesday evening. We are working towards the upgrades. That will solve our conflict with the gate being left open.

New Maintenance Staff Our new maintenance staff will start working on our property this week. His name is Eric. You will see him working with Ram going forward. Please join us in welcoming him to our resort. As an update, we are completely staffed at the moment. We will only look to hire an Activity Director later down the road to work closely with the association on events and activities.

Stray Animals Animal Control will be on the property starting May 3 for all stray animals. It is important to make sure your pet is registered at the office. MAke sure to review the pets section in the policy (see below).

Guests Any current guests that are staying with a resident needs to be registered at the main office by the end of this week. Please make sure to review all effective dates in the policy (see below).

Meeting As normal, I will be attending the Club meeting to field any questions you may have about the policies (see below) or anything for the good of the group.

Trails End Management

A Few Updates

Entry Gate The entrance will remain open again for the night. I am looking into other options for the weekend.

Brush We will continue picking up brush tomorrow. Maintenance was able to get a bulk of it done today, but had to shut down early. As a reminder, this is the last weekly pickup. We will not pick-up brush again until the first Tuesday in May (May 4).

Pool The pool will be cleaned some time tomorrow. I will make sure it does not conflict with water aerobics times. It sounds like we’ll be moving the pool cleaning days from Mondays and Thursdays. I’ll let you know once a new set time is finalize.

We appreciate your understanding.

Trails End Management

Main Entrance Delay

There may be a delay in entering/exiting the main entrance today, as the construction crew is looking to finish the paving project by lunch. If you can delay any trips until after lunch, that will help them greatly.

Thank you for your assistance with this.

Trails End Management

Gate Update 2

We will have to leave the gate open this evening. The keypad will not work. Clickers do work, but that is the only option. Although we have shared concern with leaving the gate open overnight, we understand the importance of residents and emergency officials needing uninterrupted access to the resort overnight. We will provide an update as soon as we have one Wednesday.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.

Trails End Management

Gate Update

The entry gate will only work with the remote clickers and keypads. The ground loop on the inside of the resort gate has been damaged and removed. We do not plan to replace it going forward. To get out without a clicker in your car, you can still use the clicker that is on the green post. To get into the park without a clicker in your car, use the keypad. The code is still the same. The paving project will finish tomorrow (Wednesday) after lunch.

Thank you.

Trails End Management

Items Worth Noting…

ONLINE FORMS We have updated our online forms, and will continue to add to them. Current forms available online are the Activity Form, Site Modification Request, Intent to Vacate Form, and 3rd Party Rental Agreement Form. We still have them available for pickup in the office, but quick reference and easier access, they are available here.

PROPERTY TREES We are aware of the current condition of the trees in the park. We are still in the process of securing a service to evaluate all pine trees and all trees that have been brought to the attention of the Main Office. Continue to take pictures and document for your record. Feel free to send any documentation to the office via email or text. We appreciate your patience through this process.

EFFECTIVE DATES Review the policy for upcoming effective dates. As a courtesy reminder, registering your pets with the Main Office will be important. I know stray cats and dogs are a concern and they will be addressed at the end of the month.

ENTRY GATE The upgrades to the main entrance gate will begin after the paving project is completed. This will make it easier for all residents, guests, and visitors. We will not give out any additional gate clickers until after this project is completed, as the clickers will change. The entry code will remain the same until this upgrade, as well.

GAS SHUTOFF We were able to complete this project last week. Going forward, we will not have to cut of gas services for inspections. One bit of information that was neglected to be passed over until the very end of the process was the need to cut off gas at individual lots. We apologize about the misstep in this communication and will make sure to do better going forward.

POLICIES We are low on paper copies of the policies, but will have more printed and delivered this week. Feel free to use the copy that is posted here. Let us know if you would like us to email you a copy, as well.

Thank you.

Trails End Management