End of Season Information

As we come closer to the end of our season, we want to remind all of our wonderful residents who may depart the resort for the off-season of a few important items:

  • Please inform the main office of your departure, particularly if you need billing or contact info changes.
  • Please contact the US Postal service to forward your mail as needed and leave a sufficient amount of mail forwarding labels at the mail center, as it can take weeks for the USPS to update service changes.
  • Please remember to shut off all utilities to your sites, such as water and/or electric. There may be monthly service fees billed to you with gas and water. Nobody wants an unexpected utility bill while they are away from home and the resort is not authorized to monitor or shut these off for you. If you see an unusual amount of utility usage while you are away, please contact a plumber or electrician to diagnose the problem.
  • Please make arrangements for your lawns to be cut and/or personal landscaping accents to be maintained while you are away. This is a requirement in accordance with your lease and penalty fees can be assessed if a site is found in violation. Please also remind contractors not to leave brush piles in the street, but rather at the end of your driveway to allow for proper drain flow.
  • Please secure all loose items on your site. This is not only a good security practice, but also helps keep others safe in the event of high winds or other natural disasters where loose objects could become airborne and damage property or cause injury to others.
  • For those residents who still have driveway ramps, please make sure to lift them up and away from the curbs so that water can properly drain down the streets and out of the resort.

Thank you to everyone for doing their part to help promote the wellness of Trails End RV Resort.