A Few Updates

Trees We are on track to have the Norfolk Pine trees addressed (tall trees that turned dark red after the storm). Within the next month, I will have details on when and how we will have these trees cut down. Our plan is to cut each tree on the property down to the ground, ensuring there are no tripping hazards. As an option, we are allowing lot residents to keep part of the base as a “planters platform” for creative ideas. 5′ will be the maximum height we would leave stumped. See the picture below for a reference. Lot residents would need to clearly mark the tree at the height to the salvaged. I will give advance notice about when this project will take place so you can make sure your tree is marked (you can use ribbon, spray chalk, caution tape, etc. to mark cut line). The contractors will apply a substance that will help prevent growth, but minor trimming may be needed as time goes on.

All Other Lot Trees After careful evaluation, it has been determined Trails End will not cover the cost associated with cutting any other trees on the property. All lot renters will need to evaluate and decide how they want to address their trees. Encore will take care of all Norfolk Pines as detailed above. Anyone who decides to cut/trim a tree, please submit a site modification form to the main office prior to cutting. All contractors will need to dispose of brush/clippings, and stumps.

Entry Gate We are still pending a project start date for the upgrade to the entry gate. Once that starts, we will be able to close the gate. There will be new gate remotes offered to residents. All residents with a remote now will be able to exchange their remote for a new one at a later time, so do not throw them away. We understand the concern with leaving the gate open and will continue to try to start this project as soon as we can.

Storage We are working through lot storage options. We are planning to renovate the bullpen storage area to accommodate vehicles. That project may take a few months before it can begin. I am working on options to help get us through and will release a detailed plan when it is ready.

Building Capacities As a courtesy reminder, we still have capacities and social distancing requirements inside all of our buildings. They are either posted on the door or on the cork board inside/outside each door. Please continue to help us by wearing masks while inside buildings. We will continue to evaluate this on a weekly basis with corporate.

Trails End Management