Storage Lot Information

I want to make sure we are on the same page with storage vehicles on the property.

A few residents inquired about storage site parking. We do offer storage site parking at a rate of $50 per month. Our end goal will be to have a designated location for all storage. We understand there are concerns about the condition of the storage/trash lot, so we are evaluating what we can do to address those concerns. If anyone has past visual evidence of this (pictures/videos), feel free to send them to the Main Office. We will continue to work with contractors on a long-term solution to the storage area. Until then, we did not want to prevent anyone from parking their unit if they feel comfortable.

If you are currently parked on a vacant lot, you have not been asked to move by management. Continue parking as you have been. There is currently no charge for this. We ask that you report your vacant lot storage site to the Main Office so we have it for our records and for ease of contact. When this changes, you will be contacted by management about options. I am working with corporate on temporary options for storage since our current storage site is under evaluation.

Feel free to contact the Main Office if you have any questions.

Trails End Management