Landscaping, Gate Update

We will officially start using our landscaping contractor late next week. This is important to note for a couple of reasons. There will be an increase on landscaping work on a weekly basis. This service is designed to be limited to public spaces and RV lots only. Naturally, please be aware and use caution as you travel throughout the resort.

As a reminder, Encore does not provide regular landscaping services on rented lots. The service being provided by our contractor will be used to correct rented lots that have not been addressed by the resident. If this is done, the fee will be assessed to your account. As detailed in the policy, we will charge the resident the contractor’s cost +$50. We are doing this as there are too many renters to call individually. Please continue to schedule your regular maintenance for your lot with your vendor. Check with your vendor on the status of your yard maintenance to best avoid this fee.

As an additional update, I received confirmation we should have the entry gate project completed within the next two weeks. You may see contractors working at the main entrance within the next day or so. Please use caution as you drive through. We will have new remotes to issue to residents, but more information on this will come within the next week.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Trails End Management