A Wide Variety of Updates

I want to get some updates to you all as management will not be able to attend the Club meeting Monday.

Landscaping: THANK YOU for your help with this. We are still planning to cut Tuesday, but the number of lots is much less than it was originally. Continue to have regularly scheduled maintenance on your lot. We will continue to work with residents and vendors as best as we can with this.

Gate Upgrade: We are planning to have the gate upgrade completed by the end of next week. Once completed, we will still leave the gate open to allow time for residents to receive their new gate entry clickers. I will send an advanced notice before we close it. The upgrade will include a dedicated exit gate. Entry will look a little different. Due to our entrance road, the keypad will be on the right-hand side of the road. It will allow for visitors to contact the main office for access during business hours. We are also planning to allow residents the option of allowing access to visitors via landline phone. This means your visitors/guests will be able to call you for access. We strongly encourage all residents to get a new gate remote from the main office. We do not have the clickers yet, but a message will be sent out once they are received.

Gate Remotes: Your current gate remotes will NOT work on the new unit. These remotes do not provide as much security as the new remotes will. Unfortunately, we will not be able to do an exchange for new remotes. However, we will be requiring deposits of $35 per clicker. The deposit will be refunded to you when leave the property, whether seasonally or at the end of your lease agreement. A check will be mailed to you. We will have to receive the remote(s) back in working condition in order to return the deposited amount. A maximum of 2 remotes per lot, per person will be allowed for purchase. The fee for replacements is $60 and is non-refundable. Passing remotes to friends, family, vendors will not be allowed as each clickers will be specific to individuals/lots for security purposes. We do not accept cash payments. More information will be available the closer we get to receiving the remotes.

Rental Units and Lots: Please refrain from going in and disturbing property units without permission from the owner. If you notice anything suspicious about a unit on a lot, please contact the owner or the main office. This includes vacant property units and units of residents not on site. We have received complaints about residents walking and driving through lots, entering units, as well as adjusting electrical and HVAC settings. If you have prior approval from the owner of the unit, that is fine. Trails End is not responsible for damages or repairs to units.

Rec Hall Messages: A few negative messages have been observed in recreation hall spaces. Please refrain from leaving messages in our public spaces. Any concerns will be received by management at the main office or directly to corporate via the contact information in the policy. Damaged dry erase and bulletin boards may not be replaced by management.

AC Units: The AC units in the public spaces have been left on a cold setting in the public areas. In an effort to conserve energy, costs, and repairs, please return the temperature setting to the original level found before it was moved. We want to help avoid extended repair times everywhere we can.

May Meeting Follow-up: As a follow-up to our last meeting, we are close to releasing information about storage sites. We are also pending updated building capacity information and “pothole” repairs.

Have a GREAT weekend.

Trails End Management