Weekend Update

The completion of the gate repair and upgrade is still pending. Work should continue starting Monday. As a reminder, the gate will not be closed after completion. We will get the new remotes out to as many residents as possible before closing the gate. An exact timeline will be given once we receive the new remotes. The old remotes will not work. Unfortunately, we will not be able to issue a credit or refund for the old remotes. Previous ownership did not keep record of purchases or the money that was received from residents. When residents receive the new remote, our office will keep record of all deposits and will provide each resident with proof for their record. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The City of Weslaco will be on our property next week to spray for mosquitoes. We could not get an exact date and time but we are on this list for next week. Historically, we have found that the more calls they get from us, the faster they get the job done. The phone number to the City of Weslaco Public Works Dept is 956-968-3146. Please let them know you live at Trails End RV Resort and you are requesting mosquitoes spraying in and around the resort. Also, here as some tips for how to minimize mosquitoes around your home. If you are not currently in the resort, please consider passing this information along to whoever is responsible for maintaining your lawn. Together, we can help minimize mosquitoes in the resort.

As you may have noticed, our buildings are back open at 100% capacity. Please note, this does not apply for the kitchen area just yet. We are still pending company approval before we open the kitchen for business.

Lastly, the pool is open but the spa is closed. There were chemicals added after the storm that are not safe for residents to swim in. Please do not try to turn on the spa.

Have a great, safe weekend!

Trails End Management