Storage Update – Effective 8/1/2021

We sincerely appreciate your patience as we worked through our storage situation. We are offering storage options to our annual residents. If you are currently storing or parking your trailer/vehicle anywhere on the Trails End Resort property, this message is important for you to read.

Starting 8/1/2021, all storage vehicles and trailers are required to be registered with the main office. Each option will require a $50/month charge billed separate from your unit lease agreement. We will not charge for July, so you can register any time before August 1. There will not be a prorated charge option. All annual residents looking to store vehicles and trailers will have a couple options:

  1. Continue to store your vehicle in the storage lot. We are still working on a plan for the storage area, but do not want to move anyone who does not want to move or would prefer to be in this area. First come, first served.
  2. Park your storage vehicle in one of our designated areas on the South end of the RV lot. The spaces will be determined for you. This will be our best temporary option. First come, first served.
  3. Continue to use a vacant MH lot. RV lots not designated by management are not an option. If you decide to park on a vacant lot, management reserves the right to move your stored item when needed. First come, first served.

Additional details can be provided by the Main Office. Parking vehicles at vacant lots is considered a violation. A signed agreement will be required for all stored vehicles and trailers at Trails End Resort. Violators can be towed at the owner’s expense.

Trails End Management