Good Misc. Info

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience with the gate. It seems like no matter how many blog messages we send out, there will still be a good number of residents that miss the messages by not connecting with the blog site. I know this is new territory for the property, but it really is the best way we can get the word out to everyone. If you know someone that is not signed up, please encourage them to use their email so they will not be left out.

The storage site fee is another opportunity to get communication out to residents. August 1 is the date we start charging the fee for storage lot parking. We need help identifying the units in the storage area. If any units belong to you or someone you know, please contact the Main Office to work out arrangements. This also applies for vacant lot storage. We want to prevent taking additional measures in all cases. Please work with the Main Office and Management.

Eric, our maintenance employee, left our company. Tuesday was his last day. We sincerely appreciate all of his hard work and energy for the short time he was with us. We will let residents know when new staff is hired. Any and all requests should still go to the Main Office. Please refrain from calling employees on their personal phones. Feel free to send message or call the emergency line after-hours if needed.

The anodes project was completed around lunch time today. Thank you for your help. We are on track to complete the drain and sewer projects by Friday. I have included pictures below

Trails End Management

If you own one of these units, or a trailer/vehicle parked on a vacant lot, please contact the Main Office as soon as you can.