Important Updates

We continue to receive reports of sheds being left open, with signs pointing to theft attempts. It sounds like a majority of items missing are lawn care equipment. It also seems like the sheds are being targeted in the evening time and at night. Please keep an eye out. As a community, we want to help ensure our residents and their belongings are safe and secured. Please make sure your sheds are secured as tight as possible. Our office have been receiving notices days later. In ALL cases of alleged theft, contact the police and file a report. Let our office know as soon as possible. We were able to help one resident recover their missing item when we were notified quickly. Local authorities were able to respond and are willing to help when they are made aware. We strongly recommend residents do not attempt to make contact with any suspected persons. Please call 911.

Too often, we are receiving reports days after the fact. In order to best help residents and our community, please let us know of observations and descriptions as soon as possible. “If you see something, say something.”

We appreciate everyone’s help with lawn maintenance. We continue to monitor on a weekly basis. We are noticing an increase to unit and water line damage due to high grass and contractors not knowing where to use caution while cutting. Damages and repairs will be the responsibility of the resident. Please ensure there is a regular schedule with your lawn care service provider.