End of Season Reminders

Hi folks!

Here are just a few reminders for those who are leaving for the off-season but maintain a permanent (year round) site in the park:

  1. Please be sure to find someone to maintain your lawns and landscaping while you are gone. We recommend mowing at least twice monthly (or every other week) as rains have increased annually.
  2. Those with rock yards (or partial rock accents) are also expected to maintain them year round. Spraying for weeds should be scheduled on a regular basis.
  3. Heavy wind gusts and even hurricanes are always a threat in the summer. Please do not leave small or loose items outside or unsecured as these can become dangerous projectiles in the event of harsh weather.
  4. The park will not be held responsible for property damage that is not reported in a timely manner. The burden of proof falls on the individual home or RV owner to give us the information that we need to hold others accountable, be it contractors or others in the park. Timeliness is vital to this process. In many of our communities, friends and neighbors (be it for pay or on a voluntary basis) often serve as property caretakers for others. This promotes community amongst residents and we encourage everyone in the community to help one another.

Your responsibility for your home and site does not end when you leave for the season. Please be considerate of your friends and neighbors who may have their homes for rent or for sale as well as the consideration for the general appearance of the park.

Thank you,