Rocket Ranch/SpaceX!!!

Rocket Ranch/SpaceX Tour

Date: May 24th 

$50.00 per person Includes Tour/Bus Ride
(we are teaming up with Lakewood and Paradise Park to fill the bus)  

Tour Starts at 8:00am 

Tour is 3-3-1/2 Hours We need to be at Rocket Ranch at 8:00AM.
 (Bus Pickup time TBD, Pick up locations will be at Lakewood or Paradise Park)
We will start the tour at Rocket Ranch, we will have a guided tour of SpaceX after that we will return to Rocket Ranch for a Presentation. 
We will load the bus and stop for lunch at Long Horns.  (Not included in price) 

Sign-up sheet at Main Office
Money is due by May 16th (cash only) Main Office will collect the Money