The pool will remain closed. We are in the process of securing a time to have repairs done. I believe it could be down all week, but we will continue to get it back up and running sooner. As soon as it is available, I will send a message so everyone is aware.

The stray animal round up is going well so far. Traps were provided by the City of Weslaco Animal Control. This is important to know, as it has been brought to our attention that animals have been released. Please be aware, the city will fine individuals who release animals from traps. Residents of Trails End can also be subject to fines if this happens. We are ensuring that animals are picked-up in a safe, humane manner by working with the city. Any animal running free outside is subject to pick-up, so please make sure all pets are inside or outside on a leash as detailed in our policy.

Thank you.

Trails End Management