Brush, Pine Trees

Hopefully everyone is in good shape after the storm last night. We are still cleaning up as much as possible, but I wanted to get some information to you.

I just received the call, we are next on the list for the Norfolk Pine trees. The company will start cutting them tomorrow (Thursday) unless any emergencies come up. As noted in the previous blog post, we are allowing lot residents to keep part of the base as a “planters platform” for creative ideas. 5′ will be the maximum height we would leave stumped. Lot residents would need to clearly mark the tree at the height to be salvaged (you can use ribbon, spray chalk, caution tape, etc. to mark cut line). 

We will pick up brush in response to the storm. We will start this week but will plan to end by early next week to allow for weekend work.

We are still pending pool repair, but hopeful it will be done today or Thursday at the latest. A message will go out once we are all set.

Continue to report anything you see on the property. As a reminder, feel free to text messages, pictures, and/or videos to the property cell phone (956-556-0040) if it is convenient.

Thank you.

Trails End Management