Pine Tree Cutting Process

I want to give advance notice on the work process while cutting down the Norfolk Pines. There will be 2 crews working; one crew is cutting down the trees and another crew comes after to pick up the trunks and brush. Please be cautious around areas where the crew is working. The trunks and brush could be on the curbs for a a day or two as they are working. We will be extra flexible with this project, as the same company is responding to storm damage, but we will still look to complete the project within two weeks, weather permitting. At other properties, they averaged 6-8 trees per day. We have a little over 30 trees that will be cut. There may be leftover pine needles. If residents will bag the pine needles, we will pick-up anything that is bagged and at the curb during the project and the end.

Access to some of the trees will not be easy. We may contact you if advanced planning is needed to help assist with access to the trees. Naturally, extreme caution will be used to ensure property damage is prevented. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please contact the Main Office. Please use caution in the areas where work is happening.

Thank you for your patience.

Trails End Management