Town Hall Recap

Thank you to all of the residents who came to todays meeting. There was great dialog and we received some valuable information. I want to send a recap so residents who were unable to attend have access to the same information. Please help us pass this information over to residents who may not be on the blog. Feel free to contact the main office if anyone needs help signing up.

“See something? Say something.” We continue to emphasize the importance of reporting any suspicious persons or activities you see on and around the property. Police rely on this, as well as the main office. Make a description of anything or anyone you see. Document car tags, and note make and model of vehicles. The most important thing for cars is the tag number. Provide it to the Weslaco PD as soon as you can. Based on the call, their response will be different between situations in progress or after the situation has stopped. Use 911 for all emergencies, or use the non-emergency number 956-968-8591.

Entry Gate Tailgating We have not been able to determine how suspects are getting access to the property. We are inclined to believe they are entering and exiting at the entry gate through a vehicle. If you see someone tailgating you to get on the property and do not recognize them or the vehicle, allow the gate to close right behind you. If the vehicle makes it past you, please make note of the car tag and contact the non-emergency line for the police or call the Main Office. Most residents do not think about the exit gate, as well. Feel free to allow the exit gate to close behind your vehicle so other cars do not use it as an entrance.

Office Registration It is very important that each resident is registered with the Main Office. All vehicles, guests, occupants, and pets should be on file. All visitors and contractors should sig-in at the Main Office when they arrive. This will help when other residents call to report something, it can be confirmed without involving law enforcement.

Contact Patrol Anytime The officers are more than willing to come by and patrol whenever we need them. Feel free to use the non-emergency line to request a patrol if you suspect anything on the property. They have increased patrol during the day and night to help curb alleged break-ins. Use caution with activities you do at night.

Resident Recommendations The officers recommended a few ways to help protect your property. Examples given included adding security cameras to your property (fake or real), motion censor lights, and alarm company stickers and signs. Alarm companies give out free stickers and signs to paying customers. The officers suggested residents ask people they know to do this to provide them with some if they do not have active service themselves.

Pawn Shops We received helpful information about pawn shops. All items they purchase are required to be held in their possession for 3 months before being sold. If a theft occurs, in the report you make with police, give them your serial number for each missing item. This will flag an item that is sold to the pawn shop. The item can possibly be returned and the person who sells it can be arrested. If you have a serial number for a missing item, feel free to contact the local police to add it to your case number as soon as you can. It is not too late to retrieve the item and possibly capture the suspected person.

Do not leave your shed open while you are working away from it. This is in case someone driving around the property that may have bad intentions.

Open Carry Please note our policy on firearms in the updated handbook. Open carry is prohibited at Trails End off of your property.

Weslaco National Night Out – October 16 this is the event the officers mentioned at the end.

Thank you.

Trails End Management